Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Work in progress...

For a long time I've had several skeins of Patons cotton lying around. I started making something, changed my mind and ripped it all out again on many occasions. Finally I decided to make a baby blanket in a crochet ripple pattern to practice my crochet skills, since a friend of mine got pregnant. I liked the idea of taking a traditional pattern and bring it into the 21st century using modern combinations of colour. However, halfway I ran out of yarn (I highly underestimated the amount needed as I've never made a blanket before!) and I couldn't find the same colours in any of the yarn shops, until this afternoon! So I've taken some photos of what I have so far, and will finally continue and hopefully finish this once and for all. I have a reasonably large stash of yarn that I would like to finish, such as these cottons, because I would like to start using more ethically and sustainably sourced yarns.

The photos were taken as the light was fading, so they have come out a bit on the dark side. I cannot wait for the days to get longer!

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