Tuesday, 28 February 2012

On dentists and other news...

As I am writing this, my mouth is half numb, as I have just returned from the dentist. As lovely as my dentist is, I really rather not see him. But I had a broken tooth and that needed to be fixed, and that was going to happen today. I thought. But no, I have to come back TWO more times before it's all fixed. That is, if the nerve in my tooth doesn't die, in which case I would need a root canal treatment! Either way, drinking water at the moment is quite a chore and I don't have any straws in the house! 

My linen scarf is coming along beautifully, it's going to be tough to sell it! I might have to make one for myself! I'm still waiting on the merino wool I ordered nearly 2 weeks ago, which I hope has not got lost in the post. I'm also waiting to receive some yarn from my best friend in Holland. I made a cowl for her just before the new year, and her mum loved it so much that she wants one too, so my friend has chosen the yarn and is going to send it over. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of my friend's cowl, so I'll have to take some when making the second one. 

Since I last wrote I have decided to open up a shop on Folksy alongside my already existing shop on Etsy. This has been fairly easy for me to do because at the moment I'm not making a lot of sales (I will have to work harder on networking!) and can therefore use duplicate listings, but if sales pick up in the future I will have to see how to deal with that. Folksy is still very much an underdeveloped site, but I like that it is for UK sellers only and therefore encourages local shopping. And I think that in the next couple of years it will work out its kinks. I still spend most of my time on Etsy rather than Folksy due to the community that exists on Etsy and I feel is currently lacking on Folksy. We will see how this develops! In the meantime, I'll keep two shops running! 

And lastly, I have opened a Flickr account so I can upload photos from my travels and my work and general interests. I've been spending a lot more time online lately trying to get this blog up and running, sorting out my shops and I have just discovered Pinterest... Hopefully I'll learn to manage my time efficiently so it doesn't eat up too much of my days! 

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