Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's been a while...

As you may have noticed, I'm not used to keeping a regular blog yet. What do I write? Does anyone care? Should I write about personal things? Should I keep things strictly focused on my work? I guess the answer is: it's completely up to me! I can write about absolutely anything! Most people probably figured this out years ago when they started their blogs, but this is still a little awkward for me, sharing words and thoughts and images with the world.

So, what's been happening? Well, we've had our one week of summer in March, and now it's freezing cold again (even if the sun is shining, it's very deceptive!!) But I tried to make the most of that one week in our local park (of course accompanied by my knitting bag) which has some beautiful areas, I should take some photos next time! Living in South London means that I'm surrounded by huge areas of greenery. Both Streatham Common and Tooting Bec Common are in close walking distance of my flat, so that makes up a little for the lack of outdoors space in my flat. But I'm growing more and more jealous of those people that have even just a little balcony to grow some flowers/herbs/veg... I can't even grow anything on my window sill as my windows open outwards and would knock everything over.

I've also painted my kitchen, with much help from my boyfriend, and it now has one bright wall in a burnt orange colour (Charlotte's Locks by Farrow and Ball) and grey skirting boards. It looks great! All I need now is a nice piece of art to break up this bright wall! I hope to take some pictures soon! This is only the beginning of my decorating, I've been hating the peach feature walls of my flat since we moved in, but time and money are always the issue...

Of course I've been knitting too. My orange linen scarf is ready and listed on Etsy and Folksy.


I have also made a few string bags in linen, which have yet to be photographed. And the baby blanket I wrote about before is also finished and waiting to be photographed.  So I have been busy and I'm hoping to update this post with photos very soon!

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